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We understand the value of accurate and in-depth mortgage lists that can help you reach your perfect prospect the first time around. Are you calling on old databases you bought last year? Are you wasting time and money sending postcards to an untargeted mailing list? When it comes to mortgage marketing, you must have highly accurate and quality lists for a successful campaign. You have come to the right company, and we can help. We have created our Mortgage List Central section for you to gather information on our many marketing services and list offerings. If you have questions or would like to order in person, please do not hesitate to call. We have experienced list consultants standing by waiting to help you.


Your prospect must qualify for the mortgage program you are offering. Reverse mortgage services require marketing to a residential list with age and equity filters. VA customers must be VA loan holders or military personnel. Refi, FHA, Conventional and Jumbo prospects also require careful list selection to achieve proper results. Thankfully, has gathered the most important mortgage databases and segmented them out just for you. This means you don’t have to go through the hassle and headache of figuring out which demographics to choose for the program you are advertising. Contact us today and we will do the heavy lifting for you.


Have you figured out which mortgage list you need? Are you are unsure what will work best? We at have been experts in this field for well over a decade and our mortgage data experts will be happy to answer any questions you have. They will make sure you get you started on the right track and will help guide you through the data selection process. Perhaps you are a seasoned mortgage broker and you may already know what database you need. But, maybe you are wondering if you can add additional demographics to customize your mortgage list a bit more. The answer is, yes! offers several additional demographic selections that you can choose from at very little cost. This means you can boost your results even more without putting a dent in your marketing budget. Give us a call today at 800-383-1381.  


We all know that you can find accurate and effective mortgage lists here at, but what about the email addresses? How can you effectively deliver messages to new markets, and reach your existing prospects? We have the solution. We take your existing lists and append email addresses to them as well as furnish you with new fresh email addresses and deliver them for you. The best part is that we can still offer you the large variety of demographic and psychographic filters you have come to expect with


The most highly deliverable way of getting your message to its target is through email, but in today’s crowded marketing environment, it’s easy to become lost in the crowd. The best way to stand out above your competition is to consistently deliver your mortgage message to your target audience. helps you with this consistency and maintains an average delivery rate of 92%. Since email travels the shortest, most direct route, directly to the inbox of your target audience, we strongly recommend this method of communicating and look forward to working with you on your campaign.


With a proven track record and hundreds of available case studies, we are confident in our approach to email marketing for mortgage. We adhere to industry best practices and hand certify each and every campaign that leaves our walls for the highest quality possible. Not only are you utilizing one of the most cost-effective delivery methods available today, but everything we send is CANSPAM compliant. Try today for all of your email marketing needs, and we will prove to you how effective email marketing can be for mortgage.


Heading to the mailbox is a daily ritual for most people, and by launching a Direct Mail campaign from, you can bet that your mail piece is going to be seen. With all of the confusion and noise that surrounds current Internet marketing, there is a void left in many mailboxes across the country. We suggest adding this tried and true marketing method to your marketing blend for maximum effectiveness.


Traditional marketing data is just the beginning of what has available when you take advantage of the highly refined mail lists that put you directly in the hands of your customers, literally! With Direct mail, you have the ability to tailor your message to the most narrowly defined group, or land in every mailbox in the country! Our homeowner data contains well over 80 unique attributes and delivers well into the high 90+% range.

No matter who your audience is, a Direct Mail campaign from puts your message where it makes a difference!


If you’re looking for immediate results, there’s no more proven way to get a response than by using the Human Marketing Machine of powerful telemarketing. Sales and marketing is a tough science to perfect, and we understand the need to get immediate feedback from a campaign. We strongly suggest employing a telemarketing campaign that not only generates revenue, but provides priceless information of your perfect prospect’s profile. With this valuable information, we can create you an unstoppable marketing machine.


No two-telemarketing campaigns are the same. Here at we custom blend the perfect list for your business. Our highly skilled list processors, in combination with our vast list menu, make us uniquely qualified to blend a winning formula for your business. We will provide you with highly measurable data and help you with one of the most useful tools in telemarketing, the all-important list. Our process also makes your campaign as flexible as you need, allowing you to make instant changes to keep up with market demands.


Getting responses that result in immediate sales provide a direct return on investment, and by having a person deliver your message, your telemarketing is smarter, becoming more successful with each new call.

Many companies don’t offer the same attention to detail that brings to your telemarketing campaign, and we want to prove it to you. Give us a call today to see how adding the Human element to your marketing strategy can make all the difference.

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    1 US Mortgage 60,000,000
    2 VA Loan Holders 1,013,980
    3 Re-Fi Ready 7,365,843
    4 Distressed Homeowners 1,623,258
    5 Reverse Mortgage Prospects 1,000,000
    6 Adjustable Rate Mtg. Holders 4,269,977
    7 High Equity Prospects 5,000,000
    8 Equity Loan Prospects 14,424,782
    9 Non-Conforming Prospects 7,820,637
    10 FHA Loan Holders 3,911,172
    11 Potential 1st Time Home Buyers 20,000,000
    12 Seller Carry-Backs/Private Note Buyers 214,552
    13 HARP/Freddie & Fannie Mortgage Leads 6,826,234
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