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ListGIANT.com’s full suite of world class marketing list services has been designed to optimize your marketing performance. Use our services to both reduce your overhead by streamlining your prospects database and increase your sales by accessing the most targeted leads in the industry. Revolutionize your business today by achieving the highest profitability possible!



15 years ago

The ListGIANT journey began over 15 years ago as a small mailing list brokerage firm in Southern California. With a few data experts and a ton of ambition, we set out to make our mark in the direct marketing world. It worked, and we now enjoy yearly growth and a successful marketing company that we call home.

Our Mission: Revolutionize the list industry






The missing link

We were shocked to find that so many mailing list companies and list brokers did not offer low cost, high-quality data that could be delivered quickly. We continually heard about customers not getting their mailing campaign out in time; or by the time their did launch, they were left to find out that they had purchased an outdated and inaccurate list. As with other successful mailing list companies, we believe that:

Time and data quality = money.






100,000 Customers & Growing

As experienced mailing lists brokers, we are proud to say that we have served over 100,000 customers in the past decade alone. Our growth has been both exciting and humbling, and has allowed us the opportunity to acquire other direct mailing list and marketing companies to consolidate the marketplace behind us. Each new acquisition has brought expertise and talent to our group. This strategy has helped us become a GIANT force in the direct marketing industry, so much so, that we decided to adopt a name worthy of all we represent: ListGIANT.






GIANT Innovations

In addition to climbing the ranks as one of the fastest growing direct mail list companies in the country, part of our growth can be attributed to our huge investment in search engine optimization and online marketing. After years of investing in our own online marketing methods, our customers started noticing that we were consistently ranking first on all major search engines. Rather than keeping our successful online marketing methods to ourselves, we turned these methods into an extremely valuable marketing product that we could offer to our customers. This product is called:

Pushing the Digital Envelope

As technology rapidly evolved through the years, the needs of our customers started to shift. The demands on marketing lists brokers and mailing list companies started to grow beyond the traditional manual capabilities. Real-time delivery became the most common request in regard to data verification, appending services, and generating trigger leads. We responded to these requests by creating the ability to access a data pipe tied directly into our servers for sub-second transmission. We call this service:






Last, But Not Least

We're delighted to have served our customers over the years and have been truly blessed by the fantastic community of relationships we have built together. Our continuing success has been forged on mutual trust and the quality of services we deliver. We look forward to getting to know you and your business. Please call us at 1 888-383-1381 to learn more about who we are and how our services can benefit you.


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