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Your focus is on driving sales, not compiling, engineering and architecting your database. Take a back seat and let add that spice back into your marketing programs. With match-keys developed by leaders in our industry, you can feel assured that once you’ve used our services, you will be left with the most robust and reliable database ever! provides a wide variety of list appending services including demographic, psychographic and contact information.

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Phone Appending Services

165MM Records Available

Our phone database is compiled from multiple sources including credit bureau data, public record information and title company data. This information is ideal for matching to your mailing and prospecting lists. It is also a great resource for reverse appending information to your sales leads.

Cellular Phone Appending Services

29MM Records Available

Our wireless database is continually maintained and updated through multiple response channels. This database may be accessed to strengthen the breadth of contact information contained within your current customer lists.

Email Append

220MM Records Available

We have developed an e-mail database that consists of permission based, opt-in consumers derived from one of the largest online advertising networks. The scope of this dataset reaches over 220 million email addresses. We’ve integrated this database with our real-time data feeds to weigh in to the absolutely freshest information on the web, making your online campaigns more successful than ever.

Demographic Appending Services

Use this comprehensive database to learn more about your current customer base. We’ve aggregated one of the largest and deepest masterfiles in the industry by housing complete public record, credit bureau and title files.

Psychographic Appending Services

Living data’s premier response information allows you to identify specific behavioral traits at an individual or household level. Use this service if you’d like to identify key buying signs and lifestyle triggers from your customer or prospect lists.


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